“A charitable act, an act that is truly helpful,
is worth more than all the abstract
good intentions in the world”
Ann Radcliff

Noblesse Oblige  is very aware of social issues so we always advise our couples that it would be good to bear in mind the principles and values of Fair Trade when choosing all the auxiliary components of a wedding.  We can advise on wedding favours, the sugared almonds traditional in Italy, invitations, photo albums and gift wrapping etc. that are all created on a Fair Trade basis, fully respecting the rights and dignity of those who produce them.

We take a particular interest in a project called “Un Angelo per Capello” (an angel for a hat). It aims to give a wig to all cancer patients who cannot afford to buy one themselves.

Our brothers in Africa are also always in our thoughts, and thanks to the Lourdes Mission, we can provide those who most need help with something concrete. The Mission is involved in a range of activities, including the distribution of clothes and food to the poor, rebuilding structures that have been destroyed and establishing places where children – young and old – living in difficult circumstances can get together.