Noblesse Oblige Eventi is dedicated to planning and organizing events and has accrued more than 7 years experience of designing events in collaboration with professional suppliers  both in Italy and abroad.

So, what do we do for our clients?

  • We take on all the stress associated with an event so that they are able to savour and enjoy every single special moment.
  • We bring on board a dream team of suppliers who will respect their  lifestyle,  personality and budget.
  • We come up with a creative design guaranteed to make their day as special as they had hoped and imagined.
  • We provide all our couples with all the information and details they need to fully understand how their entire wedding day will unfold, leaving them with absolutely nothing to worry about.
  • We keep a careful eye on all that is happening from behind the scenes, ensuring everything is going according to plan.
  • We work with our suppliers to turn them into a close-knit, coherent team.

Noblesse Oblige Eventi is an events management agency conceived, built and run from a woman’s perspective – with professionalism, creativity and attention to detail as the foundation of every project undertaken. Our ideas are formed by listening carefully to our clients’ expressed needs and desires and ensuring we fully understand what they mean. Whether we take on a company event, a conference, a wedding or a film premiere, Noblesse Oblige is more than able to plan and manage an event with style and distinction, ensuring it is a truly unique affair.