We are a couple from abroad and we would like to get married in Italy. How can we sort out all the red tape?

The red tape that foreigners have to deal with is a little more complicated than usual.  If one of the couple is not an Italian citizen, then either a document or certificate that confirms the foreign citizen is legally free to marry is required.  This can be obtained from the competent diplomatic authority (e.g. Consulate) of that person’s native country. If however, there is no international agreement between Italy and the country of origin of the bride or groom that establishes an exemption, then that certificate also needs to be legitimized / recognized by the appropriate administrative office (Prefecture).

Should the personal information provided by that certificate prove to be incomplete, then an extract of the birth certificate of the person concerned, provided in a bi-lingual format, must also be provided.

Up until 2011, Italian law no. 94/2009, established that foreigners from a country not part of the European Union had to provide a valid document that confirmed their presence in Italy was legal, but that situation has now changed.  In a judgement passed down by the Constitutional Court (no. 245 dated 20 July 2011), it is deemed that article 116 of the Italian Civil Code is unconstitutional.  It  is that article that decrees  a foreigner wanting to get married in Italy must be in possession of a valid permit to live here.

The judgement is based on the principle that getting married is a fundamental human right and as such, cannot be constrained by whether a foreigner is living in Italy legally or otherwise.

Following that judgement, the Interior Ministry issued circular no. 21 on 26 July, to advise all relevant bodies of the change to the law as described above.



• Document or certificate attesting that the foreign citizen in question is legally free to marry.
• An extract of the birth certificate of the person concerned, provided in a bi-lingual format.

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Could you give me an idea of the cost involved in organizing a wedding or an average event?  PDF.

Every budget represents an event drawn up and planned with “Style”.

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How can I become a wedding planner?

We have a course that covers all that is needed to become a wedding planner that is both fun and informative and teaches participants what it means to have a heart that beats like a true wedding planner.